So I quit my corporate job today…

Or at least I gave them my two weeks notice – I’m still here until August 3rd.

In a great example of how a person changes over time, 10 years ago I could never have imagined doing anything outside of IT. 5 years ago, the job I have now and the salary I’m making would’ve been my dream career. Now, this job is boring to me. In two weeks I’m walking away from it all for good.

Am I a little nervous? Yes, but it certainly helps having a growing business to fall back on. Still, it’s been months of waiting for the “perfect time” to leave. How much does the business need to provide us to make up for the health benefits, the 401(k), vacation time, etc.? Should we wait until a breaking point where we are growing too fast? Last week I finally realized there will never be a “perfect time”. I just had to pull the trigger. I wasn’t doing what I loved, so what more was there to consider?

So the gears have been set in motion and I’m really excited about what lies ahead, but let me tell you that leaving somewhere you’ve been for almost 6 years brings about a flood of emotions – one being sadness. There’s a lot of faces I’m used to seeing everyday, even routines that I will deeply miss. While there’s some people I will definitely remain friends with after I leave, I know that the majority I will probably never see again and that’s jarring to think about. I don’t have all that many people to hang out with nowadays and the thought of working from home or even the warehouse seems even more lonely – so I guess I will have to really make an effort to stay in touch with everyone and even make new friends (maybe with some of you Facebook contacts that I haven’t seen in forever?!).

I’m sure it will all work out though – there isn’t a doubt in my mind that I made the right decision for myself and for the business. This kind of stuff is what makes life a little more exciting.

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